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Odeon Inbound Spain

Directori d'empreses

ODEON Tours have proven its success by being among the pioneers of tourism since the day it has been established, as aided by its high quality service understanding and unconditional customer satisfaction. The number of tourists which have preferred ODEON Tours in all destinations reached 3 million in 2014. It gives inbound services in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, BAE and Greece to tour operators from more than 17 countries such as Turkey, Russia, CIS countries, Poland, Italy, and Germany. ODEON Tours, has proved its difference in the sector by leading the way in quality field; •In 2001, it received ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard for the first time in Turkey in a way that it covers all travel agency services. •Starting from the principle of transforming the Quality Management into a lifestyle, it has participated in the National Quality Movement, and received the EFQM Commitment Certificate at the ceremony held during the Quality Congress of the year 2008.ODEON Tours was entitled to receive Competency Certificate in EFQM Excellence Model as of June 2011 with the scope of National Quality Movement, and received the 'EFQM 5-Star Competency Level' certificate in 2013.

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Serveis turístics

Agències de viatges estrangeres


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43840 Salou
Bosc gran, s/n

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