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Mission, vision and values


To contribute to the prosperity of Catalonia and its tourism sector, to be its voice abroad, attracting and meeting the needs of tourism with greater added value.


To become the marketing leader for the Catalan tourism sector, collaborators and tourists, as well as an international benchmark.


. Innovation: this prompts us to go beyond standards and question our processes and protocols, thus providing new solutions and becoming a benchmark in the sector as a dynamic and forward-looking organisation.

. Proactivity: to be a highly competitive team we must respond responsibly with large doses of initiative.

. Positive thought: and a positive attitude. We must face difficulties by turning them into challenges and opportunities for professional growth.

. Commitment: this is an intrinsic value that makes us feel the mission of the Catalan Tourist Board as our own and act accordingly.

. Global vision: to go beyond our immediate reality, taking a global perspective of how we and our partners and collaborators can contribute to meeting the objectives of the Marketing Plan and, together, make our mission a reality.

. Empathy: this helps us to relate to each other and to understand the position of colleagues, clients and the sector, in order to be more united in action, find solutions and meet common goals.


Sustainability and our tourism model  

The hallmark of sustainable tourism is its ability to meet today’s needs without compromising those of future generations.

Sustainability is an unwavering value in our tourism model, and Catalonia has an important role to play in this. Both the public and private sector have a responsibility to ensure management is based on the highest sustainability standards possible. When aligned with this commitment, our actions help to build a better future. By redressing climate change and tackling society’s needs, we make Catalonia a better place to live for our citizens and a better place to visit for our guests


Tourism for All 

Publicació Turisme per a tothom

Accessible tourism is a key factor in the Catalan Tourist Board’s sustainability strategy.

We work together in collaboration with the tourism sector to remove architectural and attitudinal barriers in order to achieve our main target: offer anyone the opportunity to enjoy completely its leisure time, particularly those people with special needs.

We are fully aware of the issues that the tourism industry can encounter when adapting its establishments and facilities to those with accessibility requirements. That is why we wanted to publish this guide with tips and ideas that provide real solutions for improving the quality of tourist facilities and services and in turn the corporate social responsibility of our sector. This guide has been selected as a Good Practice 2019 in the International Design For All Foundation Awards 2020.

Publication in Catalan

Publication in Spanish

Interactive publication in Catalan  

Interactive publication in Spanish  



We consider “people with accessibility requirements” to be all those individuals who either have a permanent or temporary disability or issue that may make it difficult for them to go about their daily routine. They can have sensory, mobility, communication or cognitive issues, as well as limitations that may not be apparent on the surface. Many of the people who fall into this category are those with disabilities, those over 65 with age-related health issues or people travelling with children.

These videos give concise information with data on tourism market volume in different countries with a high potential for demand, people’s reasons for travelling, the destinations chosen and tools for drawing in this market segment.

A publication featuring all these data is also available for download:

Brief on outbound markets – Accessible tourism


Catalonia, a sustainable destination


Publicació Catalonia, a sustainable destination


The Catalan Tourist Board increasingly strives to base its tourism strategy and marketing campaigns on the most sustainable management possible so that every step brings us closer to the goal of a fully sustainable Catalonia. That is why, we are adhered, since 2012, to the Voluntary Agreement Programme for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a tool promoted by the Catalan Office for Climate Change (OCCC) for those seeking a voluntary commitment to reduce its GHG emissions beyond requiring legislation. However, we cannot do it alone. This mission is only possible with the support of the entire Catalan tourism industry and its tourism establishments and organisations. The following publication gives a summary of public and private initiatives that are helping us reach our goal, little by little. We hope that it can serve as a blueprint for other industry stakeholders to follow.

Access the publication in English – Catalonia, a sustainable destination




Below are ten initiatives aimed at helping you manage your business or establishment more sustainably. The videos cover a range of ideas, from water use, energy consumption and waste management, to making your business more accessible or helping to get your sustainable management measures across to your clients.

List of videos – Catalonia, a sustainable destination

Tips for reducing water consumption

Tips for reducing energy consumption

Tips for improving air quality

Tips for bringing your clients in contact with nature

Tips for efficient business management

Tips for introducing new technologies in your business

Tips for minimising and managing waste

Tips for making your business more accessible

Tips for monitoring your business’ consumption and procurement


In a market full of similar options in terms of price, location, convenience and brand, values and sustainability actions can and do make a product different. Consumers prefer companies that are environmentally and socially responsible. Therefore, it is necessary to offer interesting, attractive, original and easy-to-understand products, and this is where sustainability gains ground. In this publication you will find 5 questions that will help you promote and communicate your uniqueness and the efforts you make to improve the sustainable management of your business.

Publication Obre les portes (catalan version)

Tourism faces major challenges and threats and is one of the most vulnerable economic activities to unexpected events, as shown by the health crisis that began at the end of 2019 and is having socio-economic repercussions on a global and local scale.

The Catalan Tourist Board’s 2021-2023 Sustainability Strategy, with its Tourism Marketing Plan, is the organization’s framework promoting a sustainable tourism and tourism marketing model for the coming years.

Publication 2021-2023 Sustainability Strategy

With this new guide, the Catalan Tourist Board through the Catalunya Convention Bureau, wants to make the world of meetings more accessible to everyone. With 14 very specific steps, meetings can be held taking into account all people and their needs before, during and after the event. The guide also includes an annex where you can find potential service providers to make the event even more accessible. Also, this summary poster is included as a key monitoring tool for the 14 steps to follow.

Publication Posem de moda l’accessibilitat? (Catalan version)


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