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Online promotion

Catalunya Experience

The Catalunya Experience is the face of the Catalan Tourist Board on social networks. Its purpose is to become a focal point for Catalans, as a place where they can share their knowledge and become opinion leaders about the destination, and for visitors, offering them an opportunity to describe their experiences during their trips to Catalonia.

Consequently, this channel is intended to:

  • Become a means of dialogue with our travellers (both Catalans and outsiders) that enables them not only to acquire information but also to interact.
  • Establish an innovative platform for publicising the tourism promotion initiatives of our destination.

The Catalan Tourist Board adopted this approach in 2009 and since then has acquired and retained numerous followers, with whom it interacts constantly using all the channels at its disposal:


The Catalunya Experience on Facebook is a place that users can visit to:

  • Find up-to-date information about the range of tourist options and attractions in Catalonia.
  • Receive weekly recommendations from the Catalan Tourist Board.
  • Participate in the many competitions and activities organised by the Catalan Tourist Board.
  • Obtain discounts and promotional offers on various tourist activities.

In addition, the companies and partners involved in the Catalan Tourist Board’s programmes can promote their products and services through our Facebook account.

The Catalonia Experience on Facebook is aimed at Catalan and non-Catalan visitors alike, hence the content is published in Catalan, Spanish and English.

The material posted by Catalans also gives visitors from elsewhere insights into Catalonia and helps them discover the many attractions and surprising aspects of our land.  



The purpose of the Catalunya Experience on Twitter is to publicise the very latest news as it comes in about what the Catalan tourist industry can offer, raising awareness of the numerous activities of interest to tourists taking place here every day.

The immediacy of Twitter communication and the interaction with followers is one of the advantages of this channel as regards learning about everything being done in relation to promotion and also what is being said on the Internet about Catalonia elsewhere in the world.

Tweets are posted by including @catexperience. In addition, the board often uses hashtags such as #catalunyaexperience and #buycatalunya to identify its actions.



Instagram  is the first social network for mobile-phone photography in the world, which is why the Catalan Tourist Board has incorporated it into the Catalonia Experience as a tourism promotion tool. 

Using Instagram, people can take representative photos of Catalonia and post and share them with millions of users who have this app. As a result, the best that Catalonia can offer tourists is presented in a more eye-catching, personal and immediate, as well as interactive, way.

Catalunya Experience has created the Instagram hashtag #catalunyaexperience.



The presence of the Catalunya Experience on YouTube is used by the Catalan Tourist Board as a tool to convey the thrills of travelling to Catalonia in a highly audiovisual manner.

YouTube makes it possible to view and share a large volume of inspiring material on the various destinations in Catalonia, and also encourages interaction through the comments made by users.



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