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Presentations by the Catalan Tourist Board

Presentations are one-off actions that the Catalan Tourist Board organises to inform about Catalonia as a tourist destination. They are divided between those restricted to the professional sector and those aimed at end consumers.


Presentations for the professional sector

These presentations are promotional actions organised for industry professionals by the Catalan Tourist Board and staged in the target group’s country of origin.

At these face-to-face presentations organised by the Catalan Tourist Board, participants learn about the attractions of Catalonia as a tourist destination so that they can promote or market the country in their respective fields of activity.

At times, the Catalan Tourist Board teams up with a partner (an airline company, for example) to organise presentations at certain destinations. At, others, sporting events are used as the ideal setting for such presentations, promoting the attractions of Catalonia for sports activities. This is the case, for example, of some of the tours undertaken by F. C. Barcelona.

Every year, moreover, the Catalan Tourist Board organises seasons of presentations at the Blanquerna Cultural Centre in Madrid.


Presentations to end consumers 

The Catalan Tourist Board also organises promotional actions to inform end consumers about the diversity of Catalonia’s tourist attractions. These actions usually accompany activities, performances and shows staged in the street to showcase traditional Catalan culture and cuisine.

The Catalan Years organised in nearby markets, such as France and Italy, are examples of such actions.


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