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Our Offices Abroad


The CTB Network of Offices

The Catalan Tourist Board has a presence in more than 30 countries around the world through its Network of Offices. All the offices in the network provide B2B services (services to the Catalan tourism industry and to tour operators in other countries who do business with Catalonia). Ever since the opening of the first offices outside Catalonia in 1993, the presence of the Catalan Tourist Board has gradually expanded in successive phases as the opportunity has arisen and in accordance with its strategic criteria. The CTB offices are: Europe: Benelux countries, Central Europe, France, Italy and Israel, Russia and CIS Countries, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal and the United Kingdom and Ireland Asia: Asia-Pacific and China North America: North America, South America  


The mission of these offices is to publicise the range of tourism options available in Catalonia and to position the Catalonia brand by lobbying in the markets they cover. In addition, they identify and analyse the trends in demand in each market to ensure that the Catalan Tourist Board’s marketing strategies for the outbound markets are based on full and accurate information.  

What services do these offices offer to professionals?

Through its offices, the Catalan Tourist Board provides professionals in the industry with the opportunity to:
  • Engage in fluid dialogue with and lobbying of the agents in each market: tour operators, companies, the media, tourism bodies, etc.
  • Conduct in-depth studies of each market in their particular sphere and to identify new products and offers. To compile reports, studies and research in their field.
  • Benefit from the technical assistance to the Catalan tourism industry and support on marketing, promotion and information.
  • Access market data.


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