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Partnership and Sponsorship Programme

Shall we travel together?

Teaming up with major, internationally-known brands, the Catalan Tourist Board has launched a partnership programme aimed at establishing a consortium of strategic partners in order to generate synergies, optimise economic resources and ensure greater impact for promotion, communication and marketing actions focused on the Catalonia tourism brand.

The companies taking part in the programme – which may be, but do not necessarily have to be engaged in the tourism industry – will benefit from their association with a tourist destination of world standing, the leading destination in Spain. Not only that, but the partners’ presence and brand recognition will be boosted on international markets. The Catalan Tourist Board guarantees that all partner companies will be given a prominent presence in all its promotion and marketing channels and supports.

The goal of the partnership programme is, then, to establish stable, lasting strategic alliances with leading companies, both Catalan and other enterprises active in Catalonia. These companies must be innovative in their respective sectors, present on foreign markets and share the values of the Catalonia brand: leadership, professionalism, innovation, dynamism, sustainability and efficiency.

The Catalan Tourist Board also operates a sponsorship programme aimed at establishing tactical relationships with tourism sector interested in taking part in specific, one-off actions organised by the CTB, always with the same goal: to unite our forces.

Finally, in the supporter category, we can establish annual cooperation agreements with business associations of small and medium sized enterprises in the tourism industry. The main characteristic of such agreements is that they are completely adapted to the needs of such associations.



Taking part as an associate in the partnership programme generates a series of advantages. Such an alliance:

  • Establishes a strategic relationship with the Catalan Tourist Board
  • Increases the company’s presence on the main markets today and strengthens internationalisation in emerging markets 
  • Ensures a prominent presence in all the Catalan Tourist Board’s promotion, communication and marketing channels 
  • Enhances recognition of your brand 
  • Places you in contact with other professionals in the tourism and media industries 
  • Gives access to the market intelligence generated by the Catalan Tourist Board.

Companies joining the sponsorship programme also obtain many advantages. They:

  • Establish a tactical relationship with the Catalan Tourist Board
  • Can identify and select the promotion activities organised by the Catalan Tourist Board that best adapt to their target audience, product and strategic markets
  • Enjoy a prominent presence in communication channels and supports for these actions, enhancing brand recognition 
  • Actively participate in such actions, generating contacts with other professionals in the tourism and media industries.

Finally, business associations that choose to become supports enjoy the following benefits:


  • Establishing a permanent relationship with the Catalan Tourist Board
  • Gaining a presence in certain communication channels, enhancing brand recognition 
  • Ensuring their presence or participating actively in certain promotional actions, coming into contact with other professionals in the tourism and media industries.


Selection Criteria

In order to become a partner or sponsor of the Catalan Tourist Board, enterprises should fulfil the selection criteria. They must be:

  • Innovative and leaders in their sectors.
  • Present on foreign markets.
  • Based in or have strong ties with Catalonia.
  • Aligned with the Catalan Tourist Board’s positioning and goals.
  • Up-to-date with tax and Social Security liabilities in accordance with current legislation, and free from all fiscal debts to the Government of Catalonia.

The Catalan Tourist Board has also established a filter for pre-selection, under which the following are excluded: tobacco, alcohol (except producers of beer, wine, cava and similar) and adult content companies, political parties, natural persons and arms manufacturers.

In the case of supporters, business associations should represent a high percentage of enterprises in their sectors, and these enterprises should be distributed throughout nearly all of the Catalan territory. Associations should be firmly committed to innovation, operate a website containing adequate information in at least 3 languages and be fully aligned with the Catalan Tourist Board’s positioning.


Become a member! 

If you would like further information about the conditions and benefits of the Partnership and Sponsorship Programme, please contact the Catalan Tourist Board’s Alliances and Commercial Relations Unit. 


Alliances and Commercial Relations Unit

Paseo de Gracia 105, 3r

08008 Barcelona 

Tel. 934 849 900 



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