What are trips?

Trips are efficient, direct promotional tools that are used to enable participants to familiarise themselves with the attractions of Catalonia at first hand. The Catalan Tourist Board organises nearly sixty trips every year. These include both generic visits to the destination and specific tours focusing on particular territorial brands or product types.

Types of Trips

The Catalan Tourist Board organises three different types of trip: fam trips, press trips and blog trips.

Fam trips

Familiarisation trips (fam trips) for tour operators serve a clearly commercial purpose, as their objective is to enable operators to gain first-hand knowledge of Catalonia’s tourist attractions, encouraging them subsequently to programme the country as a destination in their catalogues and on their websites. All these individual actions are devoted to particular market segments and specific products: walking and cuisine, golf, cruisers, etc. Moreover, the Catalan Tourist Board organises fam trips to complement other “macro-actions”, such as the Buy Catalunya workshop.

Press trips

Fam trips for journalists (press trips) also occupy an important place amongst the agenda of actions that the Catalan Tourist Board organises. Their aim is to give journalists and media the chance to experience at first-hand the sensation of visiting Catalonia so that they can later inform about this in their respective channels.

Blog trips

Blog trips are fam trips for bloggers, who are invited to come to Catalonia so that they promote the destination on Internet and through the social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) during the visit itself. Such trips are online promotion and reputation management activities designed to create an impact on third persons due to the influence wielded by professional bloggers.

Take part in our trips

Tour operators interested in taking part in trips organised by the Catalan Tourist Board can contact our offices abroad.


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