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The CTB in markets

The Catalan Tourist Board’s strategic objective is to establish a presence in the main source markets and to penetrate new markets with excellent potential.

To achieve this goal, the CTB works tirelessly to:

  • Promote and position the Catalonia brand and the range of tourism options on offer in Catalonia in the various markets, regardless of whether the CTB has offices there or not.
  • Steer promotional activities to appeal to the particular demand that exists in each market.
  • Identify the key tourism-related players in each market and to maintain professional relations with them.
  • Determine new promotional and commercial opportunities for the Catalan tourism industry.
  • Study developments in each market and to monitor the main tourism indicators.
  • Maintain contact with the local media and to ensure that our tourist destination receives coverage.

To achieve this goal, the Catalan Tourist Board has a Network of Offices.


Source Market Seminars

The Source Market Seminars are get-togethers for people working in the Catalan tourism industry and the directors of the Catalan Tourist Board’s Network of Offices Abroad.

These seminars are held every two years in different places around Catalonia and are aimed at tourism-related companies and bodies who wish to increase their marketing and promotional initiatives in the various international markets.


Contact us

For further information concerning the presence of the Catalan Tourist Board in international markets, e-mail


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