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Presentation David Font i Simon

Dear friends,

I am sending you this note to introduce myself and make myself available to you. My name is David Font and at the end of September, I was appointed the new director of the Catalan Tourist Board.

I am facing this challenge aware of the importance of tourism for the economy of our country, and with the desire to work so that Catalonia continues as one of the leading international destinations.

I know about the great work you undertake within the Ambassadors Programme, a programme that unites the tourist sector with other industrial and research sectors, which now has 146 top-level professionals with international renown.

Therefore, I am counting on you, so that through your work you continue to be endorsers of Catalonia for attracting professional events, which not only provide a return for the tourist services but also help position and boost the Catalan economy in the world through the institutions they represent.

I thank you most sincerely for your work, which has our support and recognition for the effort it involves, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in one of the coming events that we organise.

David Font i Simon
Managing Director of the Catalan Tourist Board


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