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Medical Tourism

Turisme medic

Catalonia offers premium medical care that attracts many visitors both from Europe and other parts of the world. The high calibre of medical research and hospital care here has made medical tourism part of the Catalan Tourist Board’s promotion strategy.

In the realm of hospital treatment in the Catalan capital, the Barcelona Medical Centre and the Barcelona Medical Agency, pioneering initiatives in Europe that bring together internationally renowned Catalan clinics and hospitals, have been firmly established as leading centres in their respective specialities.

The Catalan Tourist Board (CTB), in conjunction with the Barcelona Medical Centre and the Barcelona Medical Agency, are striving to promote this product. In fact, medical tourism is one of the strategic lines of action CTB is promoting in target markets as important to Catalonia as the United States, Russia, the former Soviet republics and the Middle East.

The congresses, presentations, incentive-driven trips and induction courses that attract medical care professionals every year help to promote the range of medical care services available in Catalonia.

Over and above the tourism product offered by clinics and hospitals, Catalonia boasts a whole host of spa and health centres with mineral-rich medicinal waters, declared to be of public utility. These centres comprise 18 traditional spa resorts generally set amidst unique surroundings, at the foot of a spring of medicinal-mineral underground waters, whose depth or length of time in the aquifer has resulted in mineralised waters or thermal springs. Today, such centres have adapted the amenities to new accommodation trends, offering quality standards on a par with modern hotel accommodation. In addition to these spa resorts, there are a broad range of wellness, recreational spa and thalassotherapy establishments.

For further information regarding the services offered by the Barcelona Medical Centre and Barcelona Medical Agency, please see the websites and


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