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Legal notice

In accordance with Article 17.1 of Law 19/2014, the ©Generalitat de Catalunya permits the reuse of content and data with the provision that the source and date of update is cited, that the information is not distorted (Article 8 of Law 37/2007), and also that said reuse does not conflict with a specific licence.

Conditions of use and methods of information reuse for

Law 18/2015, of 9 July, amending Law 37/2007, of 16 November, on the reuse of public sector information, regulates the reuse of public information held by public administrations and bodies in their principle area of activity, i.e. the right of all potential market agents to reuse the information held by public authorities.

In accordance with this regulation, the Administration authorises the reproduction, distribution and public communication of a work, as well as the transformation of a work to make derivative works, for the whole world and with no time limit, provided it does not conflict with any licence or notice that may apply to a work, which will take precedence.

To reuse the information, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
a) Refrain from distorting the sense of the information.
b) Always cite the source of the information: ‘©Generalitat de Catalunya. Ministry of Business and Knowledge. Catalan Tourist Board’
c) State the date of the most recent information update.

Other forms of reuse

Similarly, the reuse of data may be limited by the protection of other priority legal assets, such as personal data protection, privacy or the intellectual property rights of third parties. The reuse of any works protected by copyright may be exercised through the use of open distribution licenses, such as Creative Commons, which confer certain exploitation rights for works. Reuse of the content for which this type of licence applies is permitted under the conditions established therein.

The use of Catalan Tourist Board (©Generalitat de Catalunya) logos, trademarks, emblems and distinctive symbols is not, under any circumstances, permitted with regard to publications or websites that are not owned or supported by the Catalan Tourist Board. These elements of corporate graphic identity are the exclusive property of the Catalan Tourist Board (©Generalitat de Catalunya) and are protected by current applicable legislation.

The administrative information supplied by this website does not substitute the legal publication of the laws, general provisions and acts that must be formally published in the DOGC (Official Journal of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia) and in other official journals, the printed edition of which is the sole instrument that guarantees their authenticity and content. Furthermore, the information related to administrative procedures and processes facilitated by the website does not substitute the necessary, specific information related to each specific procedure.

The Government of Catalonia Administration is not responsible for the information that may be obtained via links to external systems that are outside the control of said authority.

The (©Generalitat de Catalunya does not guarantee that this website and the relevant server are free from viruses and declines any responsibility for damages that may arise from the use of the website or from an inability to gain access thereto.


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