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Other markets

Markets where the CTB does not have an office

Since 2012, the Catalan Tourist Board’s central office in Barcelona has been covering potentially interesting markets for Catalonia where the CTB does not have a branch office.

Priority markets

The following are regarded as markets with a high potential:

– Brazil
– United Arab Emirates


New Market Action Plans

If we take the case of Brazil by way of an example of all these countries, the main interlocutors in the market (tour operators, travel agencies and the media) have been identified. Brazil now ranks as the third highest country of origin of travellers to Catalonia in the entire American continent. Together with Russia, it has become the most important emerging market for Spain as a whole in the short term.

With regard to promotion, the intention is to make the most of the positioning of the Barcelona brand to raise increased awareness of Catalonia.

The strategy involves promoting an entire array of tourism options around Barcelona that will encourage visitors to extend their stays throughout Catalonia as a whole, not just in its capital city. The aim is to position Catalonia as a fashionable destination in this market.


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