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Marketing Plan 2013-2015

The first Catalan Tourism Marketing Plan is being implemented in 2013 and has been designed by the Catalan Tourist Board to meet the challenges of the changes taking place in markets and which affect the Catalan tourism model. For this reason, the CTB is seeking the maximum support for the plan from among its members and companies in the industry.

The Marketing Plan follows the basic policy indications laid down in the Strategic Plan for Tourism in Catalonia, devised by the Catalan government’s Directorate-General for Tourism.

In a context in which the digital revolution has altered the way travel arrangements are made, the Catalan Tourist Board is mindful that new approaches to marketing must be employed. To this end, the Marketing Plan establishes a number of goals, which are to:

  • Identify priority source markets in order to optimise the investment made in promotion.
  • Select the main areas of business and, as a consequence, the products most suitable for exploitation.
  • Focus on specific products along the lines of the segmenting already taking place in Product Clubs and by creating websites that concentrate solely on the top Catalan tourism products.
  • Raise the positive perception of the destination and of the management of experiences that give tourists a higher degree of satisfaction.
  • Meet the needs of the territory, which is where visitors experience their stay.
  • Upgrade ICT tools.
  • Focus increasingly on alternative distribution and direct marketing channels, while continuing to use traditional methods.
  • Promote sponsorship and co-operation with a view to achieving lasting and strategic alliances.

Catalonia must adapt as a tourist destination to the changes that are taking place. To achieve this, the Marketing Plan will prove to be a key instrument for bringing up to date product and experience promotion, the brand, travellers’ recommendations and loyalty, market space expansion and online marketing. 

You can consult the Marketing Plan in this link.


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