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World Region of Gastronomy 2025

Catalonia will be the World Region of Gastronomy in 2025. It will thus become the first European region to receive this distinction.

This recognition reaffirms the consolidation of an innovative and regenerative tourism model, where Catalonia’s gastronomic revolution has gone beyond restaurants and has opened the doors to discover the region and the local and unique food production.

The distinction is an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the synergies between the administrations and the sectors involved, to put more value on all the Catalan agri-food and culinary heritage and fabric, and to promote it both locally and internationally.

Catalonia is the first European region to be a World Gastronomy Region

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The news was announced on 12 June 2023 at an event in the gardens of Palau Robert in Barcelona. Some of the most renowned chefs in Catalan cuisine, including Joan Roca, Nandu Jubany, Carles Gaig, Fina Puigdevall, Javier and Sergio Torres, Oriol Castro, Joel Castanyé, Arnau Bosch and Jeroni Castell, among others, attended the event. Also present were top representatives of the agricultural sector.

The World Region of Gastronomy is an initiative promoted by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts, and Tourism (IGCAT). The distinction aims to highlight and foster those regions that actively contribute to improving residents’ quality of life by valuing the different food cultures, health and sustainability education, and gastronomic innovation. It is an award that brings credibility to the regions, as it is given by an independent and international jury made of experts from different fields, such as tourism, culture, hospitality, and agriculture. 

An international jury has deliberated in favour of the Catalan candidacy

During May 2023, an international jury visited different food and tourism related experiences to witness first-hand the potential of the candidacy.

The jury valued, among other aspects, the dedication and professionalism of the people from the sector and their commitment to constantly progress. On the other hand, they considered that few places could compare to Catalonia due to its first-class cuisine, where the fusion of flavours and the exceptional nature of its produce allow for a unique experience. Lastly, they emphasised that the landscapes are a testament to the compromise of the Catalan regions with quality, sustainability, tradition and innovation.

On 6 June 2023, IGCAT’s president, Diane Dodd, announced that Catalonia was selected to receive this distinction.

New initiatives to position Catalonia as a food and wine referent

Thanks to this distinction, several initiatives will be promoted to position Catalonia as a world food and wine referent. The International World Region of Gastronomy Week, which will take place in the main cities and countries with a Catalan Delegation of the Government, is one of the initiatives. It will include different events, such as promotional stands at markets and restaurants, wine tasting, cultural evenings, debates, food and wine experiences, chefs’ exchanges, etc.

Another highlight will be the celebration of Àpat Catalunya, a popular dinner party held on some streets and emblematic public locations in Barcelona, which will feature the most iconic dishes and recipes of Catalan gastronomy. On the other hand, an effort will be made to celebrate the 9th UNTWO Global Conference of Wine Tourism in Catalonia. The Som Gastronomia Tour 2025, a series of presentations at the main source markets for food and wine tourism in Catalonia, aimed at operators, press and opinion leaders, with a technological and innovative component, will begin.

European Region of Gastronomy 2016

In 2016, Catalonia was awarded the European Region of Gastronomy distinction. On that occasion, more than 500 organisations, agents and people who worked to promote Catalan gastronomy held over 500 activities of different sizes and nature related to the produce, cuisine and landscapes.

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