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Interview with Chris Mason, CEO of FISITA

FISITA is one of the most important congresses that brings together companies and engineers worldwide from the automotive, mobility, and transportation sectors. We talk with its Chief Executive Officer during the congress held in Barcelona.

Can you provide an overview of the FISITA World Congress and its significance within the automotive engineering community?

FISITA World Congress has run now for seven decades, and I’m delighted to say that this year in Barcelona, we bring it into the FISITA new era by establishing it as part of the Technology of Mobility conference and exhibition, which means the World Congress. our oldest tradition, becomes a part of what will become a new tradition that we will look to deliver here in Barcelona with our colleagues at STA, the Engineering Society of Spain, every two years going forward, bringing the international community of FISITA together. to discuss and share knowledge, thought, leadership on the technology of mobility.

How many attendees are expected to participate in the 2023 FISITA World Congress?

I’m delighted to say that following COVID when we couldn’t lead together here at the Technology and Mobility Conference 2023, we have over 2000 delegates with us for the entire week, sharing knowledge and thought, leadership, networking and engaging professionally because the engineering community internationally has missed the opportunity to be together in person over the last two or three years. So there’s a real appetite to get together and and and be with peers from around the world once again.

Catalonia is known for its rich automotive tradition. How do you perceive the region’s potential for hosting automotive-related congresses and events, given its historical significance in the industry?

Catalonia is a key player and colleague within the FISITA community. STA of Spain was a founding member of FISITA 73 years ago and we have excellent relations with all of our colleagues here in Catalonia and is one of the reasons why we decided to establish the Technology of Mobility conference and exhibition here in Barcelona.

Barcelona, in particular, is renowned for hosting international events. What aspects of Barcelona have you found particularly favorable, and how do they align with FISITA’s vision?

With regard to Barcelona, we really like the location of Barcelona and its key automotive strengths. Its automotive and its engineering community and its ability to welcome our international community whether they be from Asia, from the Americas or from here in Europe. We think Barcelona is an excellent place for the community to meet. But of course we all love Barcelona and everyone looks forward to coming here. So Barcelona is a really great place for us to establish our technology of mobility conference and exhibition.

FISITA’s mission includes promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration in the automotive sector. How can Catalonia provide an ideal setting for fostering networking and collaboration among local industry and research centers and international participants?

FISITA’s role within the automotive community is to bring the technical community together to share knowledge and thought leadership to learn and teach each other in equal measure. And as I’ve already referred to, STA is a great partner with FISITA for now over 7 decades. So we have a strong history with our colleagues at STA, a strong history here in Catalonia and with the broader Spanish community and we really enjoy the opportunity to work in joint venture with STA who are a trusted partner of FISITA and recognised and trusted by our international community.

What strategies does FISITA employ to ensure that the Congress leaves a positive and lasting legacy in the host destination, including knowledge transfer and industry collaboration?

The new era strategy of the FISITA community is based in enabling a post COVID opportunity for our entire community. So the event here in Barcelona is the in person element of now a 2 year cycle of online engagement that we have developed with our members at their request over the last two or three years. So every element of the Technology of mobility conference and exhibition comes from the will of our members to come together with their peers from around the world in person to consider a subject with regard to the technology of mobility, which is of a high priority to them. So all of the subjects have in fact been selected by our members. And so the importance of coming together physically is to enable the interaction to continue from the digital platforms of FISITA through the in person engagement and to reset strategy for the next two years to ensure our community is always advancing the technology of mobility as they have prioritised.

Looking ahead, how does FISITA envision its collaboration with Barcelona and Catalonia?

The cooperation, collaboration and engagement with Barcelona is a wonderful and positive thing for FISITA. We have strong connections here, we have trusted partners here and we look forward to coming back time and time and time again. Thank you to everybody in Barcelona and to the Catalonian government.


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