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Congresses and events of the members of the Ambassadors Programme

Goldschmidt 2019

The main annual conference about geochemistry and related matters, known as GOLDSCHMIDT 2019, will be taking place this year in Barcelona. Organised by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemistry Society, it will fill Barcelona from the 18thto 23rdof August with the expected 4,000 delegates. Behind the decision to choose Barcelona has been our ambassador Joan Martí Molist, recognised volcanologist, doctor in Geology at the University of Barcelona and researcher at the CSIC. The professional conferences will be held in the International Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB) and in the plenary sessions there will be debates about the Earth’s lithosphere; the relationship between minerals and energy in high-tech societies; magmas and volcanoes; the climate of the past, present and future; chemistry of the oceans and the atmosphere; biochemistry of contaminants, etc.

The organising bodies are very concerned about the environmental impact of the conference and for this reason have taken diverse measures to minimise the carbon emissions, waste and contaminants.

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