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Accompaniment 360

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Through our Ambassadors Programme you will be able to count on our experience and that of the local and regional convention bureaux to generate new business and networking opportunities in your world, as well as receiving the necessary support so that they are a complete success. In this sense, we can provide you with the institutional and professional contacts necessary for your congress, can advise you on the selection of the best location or even prepare the dossier and presentation of the candidature for you.



Would you like to be an ambassador or do you know someone who could be one? Get in touch with us!


Everyone who fulfils the requisites will come to form part of the programme on the condition that:

  • The ambassador themselves formally requests it from the CCB by e-mail at, and this body considers opportune their inclusion in the programme.
  • The CCB, from the profile of the potential ambassador, considers they are capable of being a member of the programme, they will make them a formal request and the ambassador accepts it.


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