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CTB Awards

The Catalan Tourist Board awards the Tourist Promotion Prizes in recognition of the work done by individuals, companies and bodies that contribute to promoting Catalonia at home and abroad.

The purpose of these prizes is to ensure that Catalonia is perceived as a quality, enterprising brand that is committed to and capable of attracting tourists from around the globe. To this end, the CTB gives awards to the most innovative Catalan, Spanish and foreign products, initiatives and projects in any language, pieces published in the media, works of literature, works in multimedia format and publicity campaigns that have contributed to promoting Catalonia as a tourist destination.

A jury consisting of leading figures in the media, marketing and tourism considers the pieces entered in the competition. More than 70 submissions have been made in each of the competitions in recent years, giving an idea of the positive response to the CTB Promotion Prizes.


There has been no call as yet for submissions to this year’s CTB Promotion Prizes.


Details of previous prizewinners are available on this website. 


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