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Being an Ambassador

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An ambassador is a professional from the country recognised in their field (university professor, scientist, doctor or economist), an active member of associations, institutions or national and international professional associations who, through their relational sphere, is capable of attracting congresses and business events in Catalonia, playing a key role in promoting and positioning Catalonia.


How to become an ambassador?


For anyone who is interested, you must… :

  • Have a relationship with Catalonia (whether you were born here, lived, studied or worked).
  • Form an active part of an association in the national or international sphere.
  • Be experts or considered a referent in your professional area, both in the field of research and industrial or business sectors.
  • Be convinced that we are the best destination to organise congresses, meetings or professional events.
  • Have the capacity or the will to attract events in Catalonia.

It is worth remembering that the ambassadors are individuals and in no case whatsoever the entity or association which they might be representing.

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