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Call for papers, posters and essays on topics to be discussed at the congress

The Scientific Committee (see below) established to advise the organizers of this Congress on the core themes and topics for discussion as well as identifying speakers and panelists would like to INVITE individual researchers, academics and research organizations to submit materials form any one or more of the following categories to help create a legacy publication for the Congress.

The Congress is part of the Catalan Tourist Board’s themed ‘Year of Sports Tourism 2020’.



The Scientific Committee now invites researchers and academics to submit short, thought-provoking, essays (1500 words) or abstracts (250 words) about new research that they are undertaking, or they believe should be taking place, associated with any of the session topics of the Congress (SEE BELOW). These will be submitted to Terry Stevens ( by the end of April 2020; scrutinised by the Scientific Committee and the most interesting and relevant summarised and included in the delegates packs for the Congress. The Scientific Committee will then select those submissions that will go forward for inclusion in a post-Congress publication to compliment of the official proceedings of the Congress.

This is a general invitation to researchers and academics to submit a short poster presentation about a proposed innovation in either (a) sports tourism product development or (b) new ways of collecting statistics and information about sports tourism. The submissions should be made to Terry Stevens ( by the end of April 2020. The Scientific Committee will select the best submissions that will then be summarised on the Congress website and delegates invited to vote for the best idea. A summary of all the submissions will be included in the publication that is proposed in (1) above and a certificate issues by the organisers to the top FIVE best ideas received as judged by delegate voting.



Session 1: Setting the scene: Sports Tourism and its contribution to Sustainable Development. Agenda 2030.
Topics: SDGs, Agenda 2030, Sports Values. Impacts of sports tourism (social, environmental, economic)

Session 2: Sports Tourism from a demand perspective. Market size and potential.
Topics: Trends in sports and physical activity. From professional elit sport to niche and recreational amateur sport.

Session 3: Innovation in the d evelopment of sports tourism: Stadiums, Olympic Games and Mass participation events
Topics: Planning sports venues, Feasibility and legacy post macro-events, Sustainability in sport facilities and events, Right Holders

Session 4.1: Outdoor sports. Environmental setting of sports tourism.
Topics: Impact of sports events (social, environmental, economic), Carrying capacity of natural spaces and urban environments for outdoor sports. Climate change and sports events.

Session 4.2: Diversity & inclusion in Sports Tourism. (Women, LGTB, Parasport)
Topics: Gender, religion, cultural diversity, accessibility: current topics affecting sports & tourism.


Session 4.3: The sports visitor needs. The athlete and coach

Topics: Adapting the sports tourism suppliers for successful training camps, tournaments and events.

Session 5: Successful destination governance and public-private strategies in sports tourism
Local, regional & national sports tourism strategies and governance. Private sector involvement.


Session 6: The Digital Transformation of Sports tourism


Session 7: Sports technologies, e-sports & Sports tourism
Topics :
New technologies impacting the sports and tourism industry and sports participants behavior and consumption.


Session 8: Digital Marketing and Communication of Sports tourism
Topics :
New Media, Broadcasting, Sponsorship, Fan engagement.


Session 9.1: New Research in Sports Tourism and overview
Topics :
Sports tourism statistics, Impacts of sports tourism (social, environmental, economic)

Session 9.2: Commercialization of Sports tourism
Topics :
Trends in distribution of sports tourism and events. eticketing platforms and marketplaces.