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Mission, vision and values


To contribute to the prosperity of Catalonia and its tourism sector, to be its voice abroad, attracting and meeting the needs of tourism with greater added value.


To become the marketing leader for the Catalan tourism sector, collaborators and tourists, as well as an international benchmark.


. Innovation: this prompts us to go beyond standards and question our processes and protocols, thus providing new solutions and becoming a benchmark in the sector as a dynamic and forward-looking organisation.

. Proactivity: to be a highly competitive team we must respond responsibly with large doses of initiative.

. Positive thought: and a positive attitude. We must face difficulties by turning them into challenges and opportunities for professional growth.

. Commitment: this is an intrinsic value that makes us feel the mission of the Catalan Tourist Board as our own and act accordingly.

. Global vision: to go beyond our immediate reality, taking a global perspective of how we and our partners and collaborators can contribute to meeting the objectives of the Marketing Plan and, together, make our mission a reality.

. Empathy: this helps us to relate to each other and to understand the position of colleagues, clients and the sector, in order to be more united in action, find solutions and meet common goals.


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